• DC Council passes bill regulating Uber

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The D.C. Council has approved a bill that regulates popular ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. The bill gained initial approval on Tuesday by a 12-1 vote. Among other things, it would require that drivers for smartphone-based vehicle-for-hire services be at least 21 years old and be subjected to background checks…

  • Taxi drivers block D.C. streets, demand regulations for ride-share businesses

    Hundreds of cabs flooded Pennsylvania Avenue late Wednesday morning, blocking streets and blaring their horns, to demand that the D.C. Council create an even playing field for transportation businesses.

  • Va. orders Uber, Lyft to stop operating in state

    The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles says that ride services Lyft and Uber are violating state law and must stop operating immediately.

  • Some millennials choose apps over car ownership

    Smartphone apps are making it easy for millennials to snub car ownership. A new study finds that apps make it easier for those wtihout cars to access alternative transportation options from bikes to buses to rental cars.

  • The benefits of ride sharing: Time, money and the end of commuting headaches

    Local transportation leaders want area residents
    to know that ending the solo drive to work in
    favor of ride sharing could save them time and

  • More carpool as gas prices soar

    Commuter Connections saw a 20 percent increase in applications last year.