• Blog: ‘Skins back to work ahead of third preseason game

    The Redskins returned to the practice field
    Monday in preparation for the
    Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck on Saturday
    at Fed Ex Field. The team got some
    good news in the process regarding some
    injuries. Mike Shanahan said that both
    MRIs for Brian Orakpo and Brandon Meriweather
    came back negative. Both players
    are sore and won\’t play the remainder of the

  • Redskins’ RGIII clears a checkpoint

    Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert
    Griffin III
    cleared another checkpoint Thursday with a
    successful NFL preseason debut. The Redskins\’
    starting QB went 4-for-6 for 70 yards against
    the Buffalo Bills\’
    starting defense and ended his night with a 20-
    yard touchdown to Pierre Garcon.

  • Olympics changes where to watch the Redskins

    NBC is airing the Olympics Thursday night and
    therefore, Redskins fans will have to switch to a
    different channel to watch the team\’s first
    preseason game.

  • Expectations for the Redskins’ preseason opener

    After 11 days of Training Camp, it\’s finally
    almost time to play
    some football. Tuesday was the Redskins final
    practice before the preseason opener
    on Thursday.