• A Wider Circle: Furnishing homes and lives

    A Wider Circle furnishes homes, provides clothing and trains people for the workforce in the D.C. area.

  • Painting a path of hope for homeless youth through art education

    In the areas of D.C. that experience 40-50 percent of homelessness and poverty, one local organization is making sure art is accessible to underprivileged youth.

  • $5 a day diet leaves mark on local leaders

    The experience of eating just $5 worth of food a
    day left its mark on Montgomery County officials
    who said they were left hungry and humbled by
    what thousands of families in their own community
    suffer regularly.

  • Report: Child poverty spikes in D.C. region

    The idea that poverty is limited to big cities and urban living is
    changing in the capital region as childhood poverty rates spike in D.C., Maryland
    and Virginia, according to a new report.