• Pepco, Exelon say they’ll continue to work toward merger

    WASHINGTON — Pepco and Exelon, the two companies whose proposed merger was denied by the D.C. Public Services Commission last week, say that the regulators dropped the ball. The two companies released a joint statement…

  • City leaders rally to oppose Pepco-Exelon merger

    WASHINGTON — New voices are joining the debate over a proposed power company merger and whether it would mean better or worse conditions for people now served by Pepco. Twenty-two of the District’s 40 Advisory…

  • 3 D.C. Council members oppose Pepco-Exelon merger

    WASHINGTON — Some D.C. Council members oppose a deal that would allow a Chicago-based company to purchase local utility provider, Pepco. In a letter to District regulators, D.C. Council members Mary Cheh, Charles Allen and…

  • BGE gives customers $100 for May utility bills

    Look for some good news when you open your utility bill next month.