• Mercury and Venus close in pre-dawn sky

    Mercury and Venus will be close to one another in the early morning skies over the next few days.

  • Student brings mercury to Montgomery County middle school

    A student brought a small bottle that contained mercury onto a school bus and into Francis Scott Key Middle School in Silver Spring Wednesday morning.

  • A planetary trio will waltz in the western sky

    If the skies remain clear for the next several days, be sure to take a peek in the western sky 30 to 45 minutes after sunset – you will be treated to a changing and beautiful sky show involving Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, the three brightest planents (in that order).

  • Seeing the elusive Mercury

    Mercury, the elusive and speedy planet closest to the Sun is starting to put on its best appearance for the whole year as it nears the planet Mars in our skies.

  • Value of omega-3 fatty acids outweighs mercury in fish

    Eating fish is good, but eating the
    right kind is even better.