• Startup lingerie company wants to help the homeless

    Drift Light is a startup that’s using a portion of its proceeds to donate underwear and socks to selected homeless shelters across the United States.

  • ISO perfect-fitting bra? App avoids in-store awkwardness

    Few women say shopping for a bra ranks high on their lists of favorite activities. An e-commerce startup eliminates the often-awkward experience of trying on bras in a cramped fitting room.

  • Innovation? Clap-Off bra

    Get ready for the latest technological advancement in lingerie.

  • Victoria’s Secret model trades lingerie for the Lord

    Kylie Bisutti, 21, won the lingerie brand\’s 2009 search for a new model to walk the runway at that year\’s fashion show. She beat out thousands of other contestants for the honor, and now she\’s giving it all up to live what she says as a more pious life.