• Cellphones 101: Schools adopt the phones they once banned

    Cellphones and tablets have become an integral part of modern life, and the Prince George\’s County school system not only allows kids to carry phones and tablets during the day, but encourages teachers to incorporate them in the classroom.

  • Study finds link between teen obesity and learning gap

    A new study finds that obese teen girls perform worse on school standardized exams than girls with a healthy weight.

  • Tips to keep kids learning on snow days

    While all of this time off is fun for kids at first, the snow days start to cut into learning. Here\’s how to keep them on track.

  • Introducing science to kids: Fun activities and developmental milestones

    Incorporating scientific methods and processes into young people\’s daily lives can be as easy as collecting rocks or playing in sand. But teaching kids about science shouldn\’t be taken so lightly — it\’s as important as teaching them the alphabet.