• The quiet killers: injuries and bullpen woes

    WASHINGTON — Going into the 2011 season, the baseball world prepared for an epic October clash between Major League Baseball’s two elite teams: the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies. Sports Illustrated projected the two…

  • Yoga’s gentle practice is not devoid of injuries

    Just because yoga is a practice that emphasizes graceful movements and peaceful thoughts, does not mean it is risk-free.

  • Feel great, look better and recover faster for under $15

    How would you like to reduce your risk for injury, get rid of aches and pains and have more effective workouts? There\’s a simple solution. You could get a massage before every workout — or you could work with a foam roller.

  • Nats hit 3 HRs in beating the Cardinals

    The Nationals faced a rematch against the St. Louis Cardinal Saturday, the team that knocked them out of the post-season last year, during an exhibition game in Florida.

  • Metro bus accident injures 10 people

    Two Metro buses and another vehicle were involved
    in an accident tonight that injured 10 people.