gun control


  • Fatal live TV shooting inspires renewed gun-control push

    WASHINGTON — After a shooting on live TV that killed WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, a renewed push is on for more gun restrictions in the commonwealth of Virginia. “Clearly, something went wrong here,”…

  • Retired Army general: ‘We have a gun problem in America’

    WASHINGTON — Leaders from D.C. and other big U.S. cities are dealing with a spike in violent crime this year, including gun crimes. And a retired military man who has been hailed as a hero,…

  • DC leaders propose concealed handgun permits

    BEN NUCKOLS Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Residents of the nation’s capital will be able to get licenses to carry concealed handguns outside the home, but only after they provide a specific reason for needing…

  • Md. gun law debated in federal court

    BALTIMORE (AP) — Lawyers for the state of Maryland have asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit against a gun-control law, but attorneys who filed it say parts of the law should be overturned.…

  • Bid to repeal Md. gun-control law fails

    The petition drive to repeal Maryland\’s gun-control law has fallen short, according to a spokesman for the Maryland Secretary of State.

  • Maryland begins gun turn-in program Saturday

    Weeks after Maryland lawmakers passed toughened gun-control measures, turn-in programs are being held in Montgomery County and statewide on Saturday to collected unwanted weapons and ammunition.

  • COG ends gun control controversy

    A dispute over gun control that threatened to weaken the Washington area Council of Governments has been defused.

  • NRA on Maryland’s gun restrictions: See you in court

    The president of the National Rifle Association says his organization \”absolutely\” will go to court to fight gun control restrictions recently passed by the Maryland General Assembly.

  • Md. House approves gun-control bill

    By BRIAN WITTE Associated Press ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Maryland House of Delegates has approved a gun-control measure proposed by Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley. The House voted 78-61 Wednesday for the bill. It has a…

  • Mental health advocates wary of Md. gun control proposals

    The largest advocacy group in the U.S. for people
    with mental illness has some serious
    concerns about the direction of proposed gun
    control bills in Maryland.

  • Gun-control bill draws large crowds to Annapolis

    A gun-control measure in Maryland is drawing
    large crowds of supporters and opponents.

  • Gun control legislation advances in Maryland

    If the legislation passes, Maryland\’s gun laws
    will be some of the strictest in the nation. The
    legislation bans ban assault rifles, decrease
    the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines
    from 20 to 10, update handgun licensing
    requirements to include digital fingerprinting,
    improve school security and restrict the ability
    of people who have been involuntarily committed
    to psychiatric facilities from purchasing guns.

  • Report sheds new light on complexities of youth gun violence

    Gun control and mental health aren\’t the only
    issues when it comes to curbing mass shootings.

  • 3 school safety bills likely to pass Va. General Assembly

    The three bills that appear headed for passage
    were all recommended by a special task force set
    up by Gov. Bob McDonnell after the Newtown mass

  • Celebrities, shooting victims and civil rights leaders gather on gun control

    Celebrities from the entertainment world,
    survivors of gun violence and family members of
    victims gathered on Capitol Hill to rally support
    for a ban on assault weapons and universal
    background checks on gun buyers.