• New guidelines proposed on gravesites found in Pr. William County

    Months after graves were found on the future site of a new high school in Prince William County, two county supervisors are calling for new rules about dealing with previously undocumented gravesites.

  • Goats successfully uncover graves at Md. cemetery

    They weren\’t ghosts, but goats that spent about three weeks eating their way through a local cemetery.

  • Construction of new high school unearths graveyard

    Prince William County\’s public school system is growing by about 2,000 new students each year. So the county is set to build a new high school. But what\’s been discovered is a graveyard predating the Civil War at the 110-acre site for the new school. It may need to be unearthed and moved.

  • D.C. archaeologists advocate for historic cemetery

    Thousands of unmarked graves are buried beneath a local park, and one group wants to make sure they aren\’t forgotten.