• Garden Plot: Don’t salt your lawn

    WTOP’s Garden Editor Mike McGrath gives you the details on safe salting, and caring for tropical plants that may have already seen a some frost.

  • Tips to get the lawn mower ready for spring

    After the long, snowy winter and the cool, rainy early spring, it\’s near the time of year to fire up the lawn mower and cut the grass.

  • How to make your lawn grub-proof

    WTOP Garden Editor Mike McGrath gives advice on how to keep that grass green and lush, hold the grubs at bay and safe ways to keep caterpillars away all.

  • Garden Plot: More tips on grass and garlic

    Unless you plant the starter plugs densely, zoysia typically takes a couple seasons to fully establish, while Bermuda starts (or seed) planted in the Spring will fully cover the intended area edge to edge by the end of summer.