• Record low temps result in record high frostbite cases

    WASHINGTON — The record low temperatures of recent days have resulted in a record high number of severe frostbite cases in the Washington area. At MedStar Washington Hospital Center, the increase has been especially dramatic.…

  • Exposure to freezing cold temperatures dangerous to your health

    WASHINGTON — The combination of frigid temperatures and high winds can do more than down power lines and freeze pipes. It can be downright dangerous to your health. In the extreme cold, you have to worry…

  • Staying safe during the D.C. region’s deep freeze

    WASHINGTON — The Washington D.C. area is about to enter the deep freeze and that frigid air can be hazardous to your health. There are two different things to worry about. “One is frostbite and…

  • Low temps prompt health warnings

    The bone-chilling temperatures that have lingered
    in the air over the past week are expected to
    continue in the coming days and health officials
    are warning everyone to stay alert and remain
    vigilant to ward off potential health dangers.

  • Man dies of hypothermia in Frederick Co.

    Maryland health officials have confirmed the state\’s first hypothermia-related death of the winter.