• Mooove over cows: Goat milk sales climb in U.S. dairy market

    Mooove over, cows. There’s another milk that’s pleasing the palates of consumers.

  • 8 dairy-free desserts

    If you or someone you know has a dairy allergy or sensitivity, you can still milk the baking cabinet for all it’s worth — without so much as a slither of butter.

  • Bill could legalize sale of popular ‘high-risk’ raw milk

    A bill that would make the sale of raw milk legal in Maryland is being
    considered in the state legislature.

  • High-fat dairy holds higher death risk for women with breast cancer

    A new study published in Thursday\’s Journal of
    the National Cancer Institute finds
    cancer survivors who ate even one serving of a
    high-fat dairy product a day were
    at a 49 percent higher risk of dying from breast
    cancer compared with those who
    eat little or no high-fat dairy.