• New apps will send info before you ask for it

    WASHINGTON — Your smartphone could be psychic pretty soon. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Google are adding features that deliver information to users before they ask for it. Apple has a so-called…

  • Clues That Apple Could Be Getting Ready to Debut New iPods

    (NEW YORK) — Remember the iPod — the pocket-sized jukebox that had fans lining up outside of Apple stores? Three years since the last release, Apple may be gearing up to debut new iPods, according…

  • iPhone bug crashes phones with just a text

    WASHINGTON — A text message that causes iPhone messaging apps to crash is the latest bug for users of Apple’s most popular mobile device. The text message, which consists of a string of nontraditional characters,…

  • DC’s SocialRadar takes on Apple and Google location services

    WASHINGTON — In real estate, the key to success is location, location, location -in mobile application development, Washington-based startup SocialRadar claims it’s in the right place to improve upon iOS and Android’s built-in location services.…

  • 1,000 Apple apps at risk

    WASHINGTON — As many as 1,000 mobile apps for Apple devices could be vulnerable to hacking because of a network coding problem. Although just a small percentage of Apple apps available to consumers are at…

  • Apple’s iOS 8.3 Update Is Here and Includes Diverse Emoji

    (NEW YORK) —  On Wednesday, Apple rolled out iOS 8.3, the third major update for iOS 8 — giving users access to emoji that are more representative of Apple’s diverse user base. The update includes…

  • My iPhone can do what? 12 surprising features

    Most of us are too busy to learn all the things our smartphones are capable of doing. Here are 12 tips and tricks for using iPhone tools you may not have known existed.

  • Apple’s Tim Cook to speak at George Washington U. graduation

    WASHINGTON (AP) — George Washington University says Apple CEO Tim Cook will deliver the school’s commencement speech on the National Mall in May. The university announced Wednesday that Cook will be the featured speaker and…

  • Cyber crooks use bogus Apple email to steal personal information

    WASHINGTON — Maybe you’re hunkered down, anticipating the snowstorm that’s been predicted.  While you’re busy stocking up on de-icer and toilet paper and charging your electronics, cyber crooks are busy too. “It’s never too cold for…

  • Over half of devices activated on Christmas were iPhones and iPads

    WASHINGTON — Many of the shiny electronics found under Christmas trees this year included an Apple logo, as iPhones and iPads accounted for more than half of all mobile devices activated during the holiday. According…

  • Column: Mac attacks — Is it time for antivirus software?

    With all the recent news about Apple security holes and issues, is it time to install antivirus software on Mac laptops? Ken Colburn, of the Data Doctors, has the answer.

  • iPhone 6 Plus owners complain of mysterious crashes, reboots

    Some users of the new iPhone 6 Plus are reporting a persistent and mysterious problem — their new mobile device, in some cases, continually crashes and reboots itself.

  • Bash Bug: What it is and how to protect your computer

    Imagine hackers sitting right in front of your computer — a programming bug called Bash Bug is making certain operation systems vulnerable and experts warn it\’s time to take steps to protect computers.

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    With all of the issues iOS 8 has had, is there any reason to take the update? Ken Colburn with Data Doctors has the answer.

  • Reports of new iPhones bending (Video)

    You may want to refrain from putting the newest iPhone in
    your back pocket after reports of the phones bending.