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  • 6 health tips to help defy your age

    Expensive eye creams and serums are not the only hope for defying your true age. There are several measures of prevention one can take to make your body look and feel as young as possible.

  • How old are you really? Don’t be so sure

    Fifty may not be the new 30, if you smoke, or drink or don\’t exercise. Your body could be older than you really are.

  • Not happy with work? Wait until you’re 50 or older

    Not happy with your job? Just wait.

  • Single and looking? Here’s where you can find love in D.C.

    Meeting new people can be tough in D.C. The city is well known as a place many people flock for jobs, leaving their familiar social networks behind. Here\’s a guide for the best places to find other singles your age.