• New app helps you sidestep lengthy reservation times at hot restaurants

    Business travelers often don’t have a lot of notice they’re going to Washington. They almost certainly don’t have the months-worth of notice required to secure reservations at dining hot spots such as Minibar or Fiola…

  • Bud Light Button app delivers beer to door, but only in D.C.

    WASHINGTON — Just in time for the Super Bowl, fans at home who have a craving for Bud Light can have beer delivered by pressing a button, without having to get off the couch —…

  • ‘Invisible boyfriend’ helps fake being in a relationship

    WASHINGTON — For those tired of the question “Are you dating anyone?” comes a new web application that creates an invisible boyfriend or girlfriend to help you fake being in a relationship. Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend…

  • How to sound great during your interview on WTOP

    We are looking forward to your interview on WTOP, and are excited to help you sound your best on air. Phone interviews — both landline and cell —  yield inferior sound quality when played back on…

  • Selfie-posting men lean toward narcissism, psychopathy

    WASHINGTON — Does this photo make me look psychopathic? A new study of men who post many photographs of themselves on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram score higher on measures of anti-social…

  • Using technology in the fight against Ebola

    By Joel Selanikio, M.D., special to LUNSAR, Sierra Leone —  When I got here, I was excited to begin my time helping in the fight against the Ebola virus that has ravaged West Africa. As…

  • How to sound great on WTOP, with new app

    It’s now possible to sound like a professional reporter on WTOP, using our new, free WTOP app. Click here to download for iOS or Android. With smartphone technology, your next Talkback comment can be heard crystal…

  • Under Armour fitness app’s celebrity pitch

    By Steve Winter, special for LAS VEGAS — When Baltimore-based Under Armour introduced its new mobile app-based connected fitness platform at last week’s international Consumer Electronics Show, they deployed a best-of-both-worlds strategy to herald…

  • Hot gadgets unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show 2015

    The show that dictates many gadgets and tech trends is getting underway in Las Vegas — the 2015 International Consumer Electronics show.

  • 10 favorite apps to start 2015

    Q: What were your favorite applications that became available in the past year? A: In early 2014, mobile Internet usage exceeded desktop usage for the first time in history. We’re all relying on our mobile…

  • Smartphone apps to improve your health

    WASHINGTON — A smartphone app won’t make you well if you are sick, and it can’t magically melt away pounds.   But there are some out there that can give you an assist that a lot of doctors…

  • App for D.C. taxis under development

    The D.C. Taxicab Commission approved a measure Wednesday that will require
    every cab driver to use an app.

  • Wearable bracelet turns skin into touchscreen — if it’s real

    If you\’ve seen the video of the Cicret bracelet, it seems fascinating — an armband that projects content displayed on your smartphone onto your arm. But it may be too good to be true.

  • Twitter makes it easier to flag abusive tweets, users

    Twitter is rolling out new ways to report abusive tweets and users, even if the person reporting the harassment isn\’t the victim.

  • Free apps can cost you your privacy

    Everyone loves free. If it doesn\’t cost anything, someone
    will likely take it. But, as we know, nothing is actually free. And with smartphone and tablet apps
    the cost is usually personal information.