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  • PeeGee
    4:05pm - Fri May 11th, 2012
    Time Magazine Cover
    Nearly every day I listen to Core Values and enjoy it. I enjoyed it today, but unlike most days, I disagreed with your perspective.

    I don't believe that the image on the cover of TIME is offensive, nor should it be to anyone. Even you agreed on your spot that breast feeding is natural. I believe that people need to accept that women's bodies were made for that purpose and support the natural activity the image represents.

    On the other hand, the age of the child caused me some concern. I do have a problem with the helicopter parenting that is common today, and the TIME image did represent that. I hope the article is good enough to justify all the attention that the cover photo generated.

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  • ReeReeJr
    5:16pm - Fri May 11th, 2012
    Time Magazine's Cover
    This is really just a little too far for public viewing. Especially on the cover of a widely circulated publication such as Time.
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