Pet of the Week: Esperanza, Hound mix

These may look like two different dogs, but both pictures are of Esperanza. The left photo is when when she first arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League. The right photo is what she looks like today after she was restored to health. (Courtesy of Washington Animal Rescue League)

WASHINGTON – WTOP Living is partnering with the Washington Animal Rescue League to feature a Pet of the Week available for adoption. Meet this week’s pet below.

Name: Esperanza

Age: 1.5 years old

Breed: Hound mix

Bio: If ever there was a miraculous transformation, Esperanza is it. This 1.5-year-old hound mix was discovered on the side of the highway competing with buzzards for road kill. When she arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League, Esperanza was literally starving to death.

It turns out that lack of food wasn’t the only reason for her emaciated condition. When she failed to thrive, despite regular feeding, WARL veterinary staff performed surgery and found that a corn cob was blocking her intestines. That surgery marked a turning point for Esperanza.

With the corn cob removed, she slowly began gaining weight. Today, after months in the care of WARL staff, she’s a happy, healthy, energetic girl who, as you can see from the video clip, loves to play fetch and is ready for a home of her own — one where she can be pampered like a princess without competing with children or other dogs for food and attention. After all she’s been through, can you blame her?

For more information about Esperanza, email or call 202-726-2556 ext. 503.

About WARL: Founded in 1914, the Washington Animal Rescue League is the oldest animal shelter in Washington D.C. Its mission includes rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for animals who have no where else to go. The League also supports animals through affordable veterinary care, community outreach and education. Learn more about the Washington Animal Rescue League at

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