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Editor’s Note: This column is sponsored by Georgetown Square Wine and Beer (10400 Old Georgetown Road).

Simply put, Prosecco is an Italian white sparkling wine. But many customers don’t know exactly what Prosecco is or much about it — other than it’s Italian, it has bubbles and they like it.

Prosecco sales have soared in the U.S. over the past 10 years and in 2013 worldwide sales of Prosecco topped Champagne sales for the first time ever. Prosecco’s light body, citrus flavor profile, off-dry nature and affordable prices make it a much more approachable every day sparkler than Champagne.  

So what is Prosecco?

Prosecco is made in the northeastern regions of Italy with a grape named Glera. Dating back thousands of years to the Ancient Romans, the Glera grape was widely used to make still-white wine until the 20th century, when secondary fermentation was discovered.

Unlike Champagne, Prosecco is made with the Charmat method, a method of secondary fermentation (what creates the bubbles). Instead of the labor intensive and time consuming Champagne process of secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle, Prosecco undergoes secondary fermentation in large stainless steel tanks, which greatly reduces costs. The end product is a vibrant, fruity, low in alcohol and affordable sparkling wine that is meant to be consumed young and fresh.

For around $10-$15, you can get a Prosecco that offers delicate fruit and enticing aromas. On the palate you can expect Prosecco to deliver ripe assorted apple, pear, citrus and often some nutty flavors.

Since most Prosecco is on the drier side and inexpensive the variety is also perfect for mixing with orange juice, grapefruit juice and especially peach puree to make a famous Italian Bellini. Next time you are hosting a brunch and need a mixing sparkling wine for Mimosas, the smart choice is Prosecco.

You can also pair Prosecco with a variety of foods. Traditionally used as an aperitif or by itself, Prosecco pairs well with most cheeses and light charcuterie as well as seafood, Asian fare, spicy food and creamy Italian sauces. Prosecco is a very forgiving, food-friendly sparkling wine option.

Here are some Proseccos we have in stock at Georgetown Square Wine and Beer and Downtown Crown Wine and Beer:

La Marca Prosecco BrutMontelliana Prosecco Extra Dry

Aromas of crisp apple and pear and medium-bodied. Deliciously fresh and fruity, with melon and apple character, and almond notes echo on the clean finish. A fun sparkler for everyday drinking or for large parties.

La Marca Prosecco Brut

90 points from Wine Spectator! A delicate, well-balanced Prosecco showing a good blend of baked apple, sour lemon and grapefruit, with a light creamy mineral texture on the palate. Also Montgomery County’s No. 1 selling sparkling wine.

Mionetto Prosecco BrutCandoni Prosecco Brut

Delicate and fruity with a hint of honey, Candoni Prosecco is dry in the mouth with a pleasant acidity that leaves behind a delicious and persistent freshness with a dry, well balanced taste.

Mionetto Prosecco Brut

America’s top selling Prosecco. The Mionetto Prosecco Brut has an intense, fruity bouquet with a hint of golden apples. It’s very dry, fresh, light in body and well-balanced.

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