Fling golf searching for a niche (Video)

Fling Sticks rentals are included in the cost of the round at Laytonsville Golf Course. (WTOP/Andrew Mollenbeck)

LAYTONSVILLE, Md. — Any long-suffering golfer can relate to the urge to violently fling a club. That usually follows a shank.

But a club fling is the very foundation of a sport that has recently arrived in the area.

Fling Golf is, by its founder’s assessment, a hybrid of sports and their movements: It as though golf, baseball, lacrosse and jai alai were thrown into a blender.

The Laytonsville Golf Course — located at 7130 Dorsey Rd. in Gaithersburg — is the first local spot to get on board, launching its program on Tuesday.

“It’s something a little bit different,” says Matt Jarvis, the general manager at the course. “It could potentially capture a new audience, bring somebody new to the golf course.”

Unlike traditional golf, which allows a player to carry 14 clubs, Fling Golf uses a single tool for all shots

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