‘Baby Got Class’ parody dedicated to teachers (Video)

WASHINGTON — In a video dedicated to teachers, the Holderness family is back with a parody video that will make you snicker.

In the video that pays homage to Sir Mix-A-Lot, the family raps of all things school-related — everything from “I like big buses” to healthy lunches.

Yes, even backpacks. “They got to weigh a ton,” the dad raps in “Baby Got Class.”

The video that runs just over 2 minutes is “dedicated to the amazing teachers who take care of our kids all year and don’t make enough money.”

You’ll remember the Holderness family. They raised the bar on Christmas cards with a video where everybody is decked out in red and green pajamas, singing a song highlighting their best moments of 2013. It sung to Will Smith’s “Miami.”

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