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Waffle House: Stay away from Belgian waffles for World Cup match

The Waffle House wants you to not eat Belgian waffles maybe just for Tuesday. (Waffle House Twitter)

WASHINGTON — In order to support the U.S. men’s soccer team and avoid committing sports treason, Waffle House says to stay away from Belgian waffles, according to

As the U.S. takes on Belgium in the World Cup’s round of 16 on Tuesday, the large waffle chain has called for a boycott on Belgian waffles in addition to Belgium to support the team.

Actually, there is an irony in that the Belgian waffles sold in the U.S.are not actually eaten in Belgium for the most part. There are, however, several different types of waffles eaten in Belgium named after its cities. Also, waffles in Belgium are traditionally made with yeast and not the baking powder used in the American version.

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