‘I’m so…': Social media trend takes off in region

"I'm so ..."

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 2:10 pm

WASHINGTON — A new social media trend is revolving around what identifies a city and it’s the hottest hashtag in the D.C. area, too.

There is a new meme online where folks share what makes them D.C.-area natives. People are filling in the blank to statements such as “I’m so Maryland,” “I’m so Virginia” or “I’m so D.C.”

What would you respond?

WTOP wants to hear from you. Fill in the blank: as “I’m so Maryland,” “I’m so Virginia” or “I’m so D.C.” Another example: “I’m so D.C., I’m not even from here.” You can join the conversation on our Facebook page or tweet your thoughts using #WTOP.

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