Baltimore Co. solves 2 cold-case homicides

BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore County Police say DNA evidence has helped them solve two cold-case homicides dating back to the 1990s.

In both cases, police said Friday that the suspects can’t be charged because they are dead.

Thirty-two- year-old Karen Delores Brown was found dead near the Liberty Dam in 1994. Last year, police received a hit from the FBI’s DNA database implicating a suspect who was incarcerated. Police interviewed the man, who denied involvement. He died before he could be charged.

In 1999, police found the body of 27-year-old Annelise Hyang Suk Lee in her Owings Mills apartment. Last year police re-examined evidence from the case and were able to develop a DNA profile that resulted in a database match.

The suspect had committed suicide after being arrested in an unrelated case.

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