Va. leader voices frustration with pub crawl regulation

WASHINGTON — A local leader reacted on Monday to a weekend incident involving a pub crawl, a naked man and a dangerous wrong-way chase.

A man taking part in the All-American Bar Crawl crawl in Arlington on Saturday night reportedly peeled off his clothes and led police on a car chase in the wrong direction on Wilson Boulevard.

Several parked cars were damaged in the incident which ended when officers used a Taser to stop the man.

“I and this county government have no tolerance for the dangerous and lewd behavior that occurred by an individual this past weekend,” Jay Fisette, chairman of the Arlington County board, told ABC7.

The county has already been working on ways to better handle pub crawls, which have grown in size in the county in the last few months.

Arlington County’s budget for the next fiscal year includes extra money for police overtime to manage pub crawls, and in July, the county manager is expected to announce a plan for managing and regulating these events.

The public can make suggestions on the county’s website through July 7.

“Would you limit the number of people permitted in any pub crawl? Sure, you could do that. That might work. Then again, how do you know who’s signed up and who just shows up?” says Fisette.

However, Fisette says “it’s my understanding we do not have authority in the Commonwealth of Virginia to ban pub crawls outright.”

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