Redskins hire political blogger, fans question cheerleaders post

Political blogger discusses his new role with the Redskins

Megan Cloherty | November 15, 2014 9:50 am

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WASHINGTON — The Redskins are making some political moves in preparation to defend its name. In the midst of this, some fans say the team’s cheerleaders made a bad call on social media.

At last check, 164 people liked it, but some fans are chastising the team on Instagram for a post from Tuesday.

The picture shared by the 1stladiesoffB, the official page of the Redskins Cheerleaders, shows what they call the greatest cheerleader uniforms. The image features one woman in a skimpy Native American-themed uniform.

Fans responded to the post questioning the judgment of whomever shared it.

“Probably not the best pic to post right,” says user “Ddjnva.” The user added #tonedeaf to the end of his post.

“This is a accident waiting to happen. Y’all can’t be serious right now,” says user “Mrchickendinner.”

And user “Rebelwithakauze” posts, “Snyder, whomever else does the PR – ya just don’t get it … Like pouring gasoline on a 5 alarm fire.”

Meanwhile, as team owner Daniel Snyder builds a defense to back the team name in a congressional inquiry, he’s adding a Virginia pundit to the list of hires.

NBC 12 in Richmond reports that politico and blogger Ben Tribbett will help guide the team’s battle over its controversial moniker.

The station reports Tribbett already helped organize the so-called Redskins Pride caucus in Virginia’s General Assembly.

Tribbett tells NBC 12 he’s a lifelong fan of the team and posted on his Facebook page in defense of the Redskins name last fall.

“I’m going to weigh in here on the Redskins name. The team started in Boston as the Boston Braves, later the Boston Redskins. Later they moved to Washington. The name is a *tribute* to the people from the Boston Tea Party that dressed as Indians to dump the tea in the harbor and start the American Revolution,” Tribbett says in his post.

Meanwhile, the list of outlets that refuse to use the name, Redskins, continues to grow. It lincludes DCist, Slate and The Detroit News.

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