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Positions nixed, bus service reduced in Charles Co. Public Schools

WASHINGTON — Temporary and part-time positions in Charles County Public Schools will be eliminated as part of the school board’s move to reduce the budget by $5.5 million.

Eliminating the positions, which are mostly instructional assistants and support staff, will save $1 million for the 26,400-student school system.

Additionally, the school board voted to reduce the number of substitute teachers and to eliminate dedicated bus routes for parochial school children, according to a news release.

By not providing bus transportation to the parochial students, the system saves $500,00.

Other cuts and changes include the following:

  • Eliminating activity buses that give high school students rides home after school activities — $300,000 savings.
  • Consolidating bus routes and changing school start times.
  • Eliminating two teachers and three instructional assistants at St. Charles High School — $200,000 savings
  • Eliminating an athletic trainer program that provides a certified athletic trainer in each high school to prepare athletes for practice and evaluate injuries — $200,000 savings.

The changes take effect July 1.

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