Georgetown Exxon redevelopment plan back before Old Georgetown Board

EastBanc, which plans to redevelop the Exxon station at 3607 M Street in Georgetown. The redesigned plans make the building appear more vertical and incorporates more stone into the facade. (Courtesy EastBanc)

WASHINGTON – The developer behind a new condominium project in Georgetown is back with a revised plan after neighbors complained about the horizontal, modern structure that would sit at the entrance to the historic neighborhood.

EastBanc, which plans to redevelop the Exxon station on the site into a luxury condo building, will go before the Old Georgetown Board with its updated proposal on Thursday, says president Anthony Lanier.

The height of the five-story building will not change however the tweaked design will appear more vertical. Designers are also playing with different building materials include granite or stone instead of the previously proposed metal.

“That’s one of the issues that we’re trying to get resolved with the old Georgetown Board: What would be the appropriate material?” Lanier says.

Lanier says the firm will work with neighbors to improve their view of the condo building’s roof top and has been working with neighbors about the steep hillside behind the structure. Neighbors want to make sure the hillside is stable and want to know whether it’ll be planted or left untouched.

The property at 3607 M Street is next to the trolley barn and the so-called “Exorcist Steps“.


This revised rendering shows the courtyard and side entrance of a proposed luxury condo building at 3607 M Street in Georgetown. The trolley barn is to the right. The building would replace the existing Exxon station near the Key Bridge. (Courtesy EastBanc)

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