Couple struck by lightning while driving (Video)

WASHINGTON — When lightning struck Al Perry’s truck, he says he saw his life flash before his eyes.

Al and his wife, Betty were driving their silver Chevrolet pickup truck down Highway 14 in Alberta, Canada, Saturday when the car was struck by lightning.

“It sounded like a sonic boom,” Al said to WPTV. “It was … that’s how loud [it was].”

After the lightning strike, the cab of the car filled with smoke and the airbags deployed. Al tried to escape through the doors, but the heat may have rippled the doors and damaged the electrical system, according to CTV.

Al tried to kick out the windows, but was unsuccessful.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve tried and tried and tried,” he told CTV.

A nearby officer, Constable Brian Jamon, saw the lightning bolt and came to the couple’s rescue. He used his baton to smash out the window and helped the Perrys out of the truck.

“One thing I know for sure, I will take this to my grave … if that police officer wouldn’t have been there, we wouldn’t be here,” Al said to CTV.

The couple was not hurt.

Watch nearby surveillance footage of the lightning strike:

h/t: The Washington Post

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