Bystanders stop sexual assault near Court House Metro

Ryan Dean mug shot (photo courtesy ACPD)A group of four men in their 20s intervened to stop a sexual assault outside of the Court House Metro station early Saturday morning, according to police.

The incident started when police say a man followed a 31-year-old woman off the Metro and, after exiting the station, threw her into a bush near the corner of N. Veitch Street and Wilson Blvd.

The man tried to sexually assault the woman, but her screams for help were heard by a group of four men who ran to her aid, fought off the attacker and called police, according Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

The suspect was arrested as he tried to flee eastbound on Clarendon Boulevard, Sternbeck said. Ryan Dean, 27, of no fixed address, is charged with sexual battery.

Photo courtesy ACPD

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