Virginia sees drop in recreational boating deaths

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — U.S. Coast Guard statistics show 11 people were killed in recreational boating accidents in Virginia last year.

That’s down from 15 in 2012.

Six deaths were drownings.

The statistics released Wednesday also show a decline in total recreational boating accidents, from 89 in 2012 to 64 in 2013. Fatal accidents fell from to 10 during the period.

Forty-four people suffered nonfatal injuries in 33 accidents. There was only property damage in 21 accidents.

Eighteen of the total 64 accidents were collisions. Nine accidents involved grounding. Other causes included falling overboard, flooding or swamping, being ejected from a vessel, and skier mishaps.

Nationwide, 560 people were killed in recreational boating accidents in 2013.

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