Students exchanging Tweets for final exams?

WASHINGTON –Could this be a new way to get out of the dreaded final exams? Better question: should it be?

According to a USA Today story on Friday, students in several colleges and universities say they have struck deals with their professors to skip their finals this year — they just have to come up with thousands of “retweets.”

Simply put, the student would have to Tweet something like, “I get 20,000 retweets and no final,” accompanied by a photo of the student, with or without professor. Twitter users who see it need only to click a button and the student is well on their way to success. Granted, they have to get tens of thousands of these clicks throughout the Twitter universe before they’re done.

It may sound unreal but it’s happening, though it’s not clear whether the schemes are actually working. In the meantime, the gimmick might have worn out its novelty, if some of these recent Tweets are any indication:

Read more and see some of the student tweets, here.

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