Research: Red-light infractions high over Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend had more than 26,700 red-light violations in 2011. (WTOP File)

WASHINGTON — Drivers may have reason to be especially cautious at intersections over the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend after research shows a large number of red-light violations occur during the weekend.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads finds when it comes to holiday travel periods, the greatest number of red-light infractions are caught on traffic cameras over Memorial Day.

Memorial Day weekend had more than 26,700 red-light violations in 2011 — when the information was gathered. Independence Day saw more than 25,800 red-light violations and Labor Day came in at No. 3 with more than 24,700 red-light violations.

The data collected between January and December 2011 show Maryland’s 36 red-light enforcement cameras actually got the most action over the Independence Day holiday.

Virginia followed the national trend and had the greatest number of red-light violations captured by camera over the Memorial Day weekend.

The holiday with the second greatest number of offenses for each state was Labor Day.

Year round, red-light cameras around the country capture the most violations Friday afternoons between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. The fewest tickets are issued Sundays.

In support of automated red-light enforcement, the executive summary of the Safer Roads report calls “safety cameras” tools to raise awareness that will lead to more careful and courteous drivers.

Critics of red-light cameras say they create dangerous situations, spawn rear end collisions and cause more — not fewer — wrecks.

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