MSI Worldwide offices float away

A large officeboat formerly used by MSI Worldwide at the Gangplank Marina in Southwest DC floated down the Potomac River Friday. (Courtesy Adam Hardinger)

WASHINGTON – The final “barge office” of MSI Worldwide departed from the Gangplank Marina in Southwest D.C. Friday, leaving many residents wondering why buildings that looked like houses were floating down the Potomac River.

MSI Worldwide focuses on international development and is a subsidiary of Coffey International, Ltd.

MSI Worldwide opened new offices in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington in early May, according to the company. It had vacated the floating offices on the Potomac in April.

“While the houseboats will always be an important part of our history, our culture and our DNA, we are really thrilled to have found such a wonderful new home. We look forward to making new memories here and to doing our part to contribute to this diverse and exciting community,” said Larry Cooley, President of MSI, in a statement.

A call to MSI Worldwide to find out where the office boats are headed was not immediately returned.

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