Good to Go: Tips for mom to look and feel carpool chic

Companies such as Lululemon and Lucy sell athletic, yoga apparel and lounge styles to wear even if mom is not a practicing yogi. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Mothers arguably have the toughest and busiest of jobs. They are constantly on the go, working to get everyone in the house — as well as themselves — out the door.

From morning to evening, they run around for their families. So they often place themselves last on the list when it comes to fashionable splurges — and to top it off, they get thanked with jokes about “mom style.”

Mom jeans, anyone?

But moms can have chic, functional and comfortable pieces that are fashionable, polished and pulled together to take on whatever the day holds in store.’s Lauren Rothman — local style expert, mom and author of “Style Bible: What to Wear to Work” — offers tips for a few go-to pieces.

Ditch the ‘Sloppy Uniform’

First things first: Rothman says to avoid the sloppy uniform. This includes the “old, baggy college sweats.” Go for something more fitted, streamlined and functional. Companies such as Lululemon and Lucy sell athletic yoga apparel and lounge styles to wear even if you’re not a practicing yogi.

“Putting some effort and showing you put in some effort goes a long way,” Rothman says.

With warm weather coming, Rothman suggests a slew of comfortable dress options (hello, maxi dress) at affordable stores, such as H&M, Zara, Mango, Kohl’s and J.C. Penney. These dresses are machine-washable and easy to throw on.

5 Style Tips for Every Mom

Rothman says moms can look great “no matter their age or size” with five tips that will “instantly make them feel more stylish.”

  1. Get a great bag: Find a great bag or tote that holds what you and your kids need while out and about. A mom’s go-to bag doesn’t have to be expensive or a designer style.

    “Mine has superheroes in it,” Rothman says, adding that working moms should invest in a bag that doubles as a work bag/kid-friendly bag.

  2. A long necklace goes a long way: Rothman says every woman needs a long, statement necklace, as it “finishes any outfit.” A long necklace complements an easy sundress or adds polish to a blouse and jeans.
  3. A good pair of sunglasses:

    Moms tend to be outside a lot.

    “So be a diva, have fun,” Rothman says. Go for a stylish pair that offers UV protection to keep out damaging rays.

  4. Shoe upgrades: Warm weather is a good time of year to make shoe upgrades. Flip flops and sneakers are comfy and functional for mom, but why not spruce them up with a newer, fun style, such as a ballet sneaker or a metallic, sparky flip flop?
  5. Great seasonal scarf: Rothman suggests investing in an Ikat print eternity scarf for summer, which is a “great way to add a little more oomph to a tank top and shorts.”

A Little Lip Gloss Goes a Long Way

Whether it’s investing in a new lip gloss or eyelash curler, moms can be comfortable and pulled together at the same time.

“It’s not always about the clothes, but the presentation,” Rothman says.

And it helps that products such as dry shampoo — or the new Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream, which does 10 things in one bottle, including complexion control, hydrating, pore-refining and brightening — are all fast fixes moms can apply in less than five minutes.

Multi-tasking moms can look and feel great whether it’s driving the carpool, meeting a coffee date, heading to work or attending that parent/teacher conference.

Editor’s Note: WTOP’s Katie Howard is a mom on the go. With two children under age 5, she’s always looking for ways to provide her family fast and healthy snacks, meals and activities. Katie shares her go-to food and family fitness tips on her blog “Good to Go.”

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