Trachtenberg: Political Polarization Happening In District 1

Duchy Trachtenberg said one of the main reasons she’s taking on incumbent Roger Berliner is because of political polarization — even in the solidly liberal areas of Bethesda and Chevy Chase.

In an interview with Montgomery Community Media, the former at-large Council member and candidate for the District 1 Council seat said people came to her and asked her to run because of “factions” on certain political issues.

She didn’t specify what those issues were.

“Most importantly, they’ve really raised the polarization that’s happening in the community and the fact that we seem to have factions,” Trachtenberg said as to what District 1 residents have told her. “That one side takes this position and the other side takes that position and they really don’t want that to be happening in their local government anymore. They really want people to work together and that’s one of the primary reasons people came to me and asked me to run again. And the more I thought about the more I realized it.

“I definitely feel that I have a skill of bringing people together and that’s exactly what needs to happen.”

Berliner has so far made “bringing people together” a main theme of his campaign. At a fundraiser in early April, the two-term incumbent remarked how he had supporters from the development community, environmental camp, transit activist groups and the pockets of staunchest Purple Line opposition.

Trachtenberg has so far attempted to mend what she called a “breakdown” in her relationship with public employee unions during her last time on the Council. She’s also garnered fundraising support from developers unhappy with Berliner’s stance against a certain amount of development in Clarksburg, near the Ten Mile Creek.

The two will face off for the first time on Wednesday, starting at 7 p.m at the Town of Chevy Chase Town Hall (4301 Willow Lane).

Video via Montgomery Community Media

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