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Caught in an email chain? Here’s how to escape

Click \'\'ignore\'\' to keep the chain mail at bay. (Outlook screenshot)

WASHINGTON — The feelings are universal: dread, loathing and disbelief. Another reply-all email chain has arrived.

Perhaps it was the neighbor who sent a selfie to the entire neighborhood and everyone just had to chime in (the puppy was super cute, though).

Maybe it was a quick note from the boss, and the entire staff, inexplicably, felt compelled to reply-all with one word (cool!).

But behold, the days of bother caused by endless email chains are over.

You can opt out.

Both Gmail and Microsoft Outlook offer a way out, Slate notes.

For Gmail users, a drop down menu, noted by “more,” provides the option. By selecting “mute,” future reply-all messages within a given thread will be ignored but not deleted.

Outlook users can pull their trigger fingers even faster. Clicking “ignore” in the upper left-hand corner will make the pain go away.

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