MCPS Asks For Waiver Over Extra Snow Days

MCPSMCPS on Thursday applied for a waiver from having to extend the school year by five days because of this winter’s many snow days.

Superintendent Joshua Starr appealed to Maryland Superintendent of Schools Lillian Lowery for permission to cut the 2013-2014 school year short of the state-required 180 days of instruction. MCPS would instead extend the school year by just one day, for a new last day of school on June 13.

MCPS built in 184 days of instruction to account for possible school cancelations because of inclement weather. But there have been nine days of school canceled this winter because of snow and ice.

That would mean the school year needs to be extended by five days, from June 12 to June 19.

In his waiver request, Starr said MCPS would still meet the required number of instructional hours required if the state waives the four days.

MCPS has received such waivers in the past.

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