What is your state’s favorite musician? (Video)

Dave Matthews Band gets the top number of hits in Virginia. (Getty Images)

Michael Stern, Special to WTOP.com

WASHINGTON — Every state in the U.S. is unique in some way. Whether it’s Maryland’s crab cakes, Virginia’s beaches or California’s entertainment industry, every state is different.

Now, thanks to a study done by The Echo Nest, we know every state’s favorite band.

Paul Lamere, the director of the developer platform for the music company, investigated the number of streams for an artist in all 50 states, Business Insider reports. Lamere was able to find which artist has the most support in each state.

The study does not calculate the most listened to artist in each state since certain artists are popular across the nation and therefore would be the most popular in every state.

This map only shows the band that has uniquely high support in each state. For example, Kelly Rowland has an unusual high number of streams in Maryland and Dave Matthews Band gets the top number of hits in Virginia.

Take a look at the map and watch the videos of the favorite artists in our area, and maybe learn a little about, say, Hawaii’s favorite band: J Boog.

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