Study shows people are more dependent of their smartphones

Rohan Williamson, special to

WASHINGTON — Have you ever wondered how much time per day you actually spend on your smartphone? reports a new study shows students spend more than two and a half hours each day on their phones, on average.

In fact, reports overall app usage has gone up 115 percent in 2013 alone.

This may or may not surprise you, but these results have inspired an even bigger study.

Researchers have created an app, called ‘Menthal,’ that keeps track of how long you use your phone and what apps you use most. also reports that Menthal may use results to track depression as well as overall phone dependency.

Smartphones are most often used for social media, email, texting, playing games and talking on the phone, studies show.

Scientist believe usage tendencies may shift depending on one’s level of depression.

Whatever the results, they’ll beg the question: How dependent are we on smartphones?

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