Some are back to school on Presidents Day

Area school districts have gone over their budgeted snow days

Kate Ryan | November 15, 2014 12:43 am

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WASHINGTON — For some kids, Monday’s no holiday. And they can blame the snow days.

Lots of school districts used up all their snow days early and for some, the make-up strategy includes making Presidents Day a back-to-school day.

In Maryland that includes Charles County and St. Mary’s County; in Virginia, Fairfax, Stafford and Frederick County, as well as Fredericksburg City, will be back in class.

Alexandria schools may have to add minutes to the school day, and Fauquier County school officials say they are considering cutting recess.

Other school districts, such as Montgomery County, tack extra days onto the end of the school year. If systems go beyond their budgeted snow days, they may ask the state for a waiver. State systems mandate the number of days of instruction required each year and it’s up to the state board of education to make that exception.

Schools in Frederick County, Md., have already decided to ask the state for a waiver. Other districts may wait until later in the school year.

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