Prince George’s neighborhood on lockdown after police shooting

WASHINGTON –Prince George’s County police are investigating a shooting in which a police officer discharged his weapon at a traffic stop after reports of a shooting in the Hill Oaks neighborhood of Seat Pleasant.

According to reports from WJLA ABC 7, police were called to Mount Pleasant after reports of gunfire and a shooting around 7:30 p.m. Friday. Upon arrival, a police officer in a vehicle spotted a speeding white Mitsubishi Galant. He reportedly stopped the car. The driver emerged, a “suspicious object” in hand. The officer reportedly fired his weapon at the driver because he was “fearing for his life,” according to reports.

The driver in question sustained non-life threatening injuries, but upon further inspection, it was found that the driver’s passenger was suffering from serious gun shot wounds. Police are saying they are “absolutely positive” the passenger’s injuries are were not sustained by the officer firing his gun, but from the initial shooting reported to police in the neighborhood. The neighborhood was closed off this evening while police investigated.

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