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Pedestrian Hit In Downtown Bethesda Crosswalk

Crosswalk at Commerce Lane and Old Georgetown Road, via Google Maps

Police say a woman suffered non life threatening injuries on Monday night after being hit by a vehicle in a downtown Bethesda crosswalk.

Police were called to the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Commerce Lane at abut 8:36 p.m. on Monday, according to Officer Bob Ladany, a Department spokesperson.

Ladany said the incident is still under investigation.

A tipster said a friend was coming out of the La Madeleine restaurant at the intersection and “heard a thump, like a vehicle hitting something.” The friend saw a bus stopped in the crosswalk and a woman about 15 feet ahead.

The friend and another person stayed with the woman until the police came.

A second tipster told us the woman was 38 and rushed to Suburban Hospital’s Trauma Center.

Photo via Google Maps

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