New app motivates people to lose weight

The new Carrot Fit app motivates you to drop pounds. (Via iTunes)

Rohan Williamson, special to

WASHINGTON – Among the most common New Year’s resolutions is the desire to lose weight.

Now your phone can help you with that, too.

A new app called Carrot Fit can motivate or demand people to get in shape.

According to Mail Online, the app helps users lose weight by any means.

The app records weights periodically and even allows users to share their progress – or lack of progress – which allows family and friends to see and compare.

The app has become famous for its peculiar motivational techniques. Aggressive, enticing and embarrassing approaches are just a few ways the app plans on helping users stay on track to meet their weight-loss goals.

People now have an app to help them with their weight-loss New Year’s resolution.

Now if there was only an app that helped people get organized…

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