Jimmy Fallon and LeBron James redo a classic (Video)

Marissa Paiano, special to wtop.com

WASHINGTON – In a play on Kurtis Blow’s “Basketball,” Jimmy Fallon and LeBron James joined forces in a new video.

“Wastepaper Basketball” rap song applies the original hit to an office setting.

The music video opens with five cheerleaders sporting uniforms almost identical to the ones in the original video, swapping the “B” logo for a “W”.

Fallon’s first verse starts with a description of the game of wastepaper basketball while his co-workers drain some shots in the background.

After Fallon takes a few slow motion shots and strikes an intense pose while paper basketballs rain around him, James makes an appearance as the new accountant.

It’s not long before James is crushing Fallon in one on one, even topping the game off with a paper slam dunk, cue more slow motion.

Arguably the best rhyme of the song is when Fallon pairs “super fly” with “IT guy” while James banks a shot off the employee’s head into the basket.

The duo goes on to play various games even mixing up the type of paper they use, ranging from college ruled to Kleenex.

They barely have time to squeeze in an impressive alley-oop before they are yelled at by their boss.

It turns out their paper basketballs were made from the end of year report, except for the Kleenex ones of course.

After the two rappers shrug off the scolding, the video closes with one last dunk in slow motion, no surprise, and a colorful graffiti illustration.

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