Huge storm this weekend? Here’s what we know …

WASHINGTON — There are still more questions than answers about the possible storm that may come this weekend, or what we could call the weekend’s possible “non-storm.”

A huge disagreement continues: We could have some light snow, some light rain, some of nothing.

Unfortunately, this potential “storm” has already been hyped up from the enormous amounts of social media gallivanting around incomplete details for a system that hasn’t even initially formed yet.

This is the No. 1 reason broadcast meteorologists tend to wait on mentioning an event seven days out: Factors can — and most likely will — change.

It’s difficult to make something out of nothing, but at this point we are looking at some light snow showers on Saturday and some snow showers on Sunday — and still only about a 30 to 40 percent shot at that.

Temperatures will possibly be in the upper 30s, but more likely in the mid 30s for both Saturday and Sunday.

Once we move into the three day window and draw closer to the event, we will have a better handle on exactly how everything is going to develop. However, at this point, it’s looking more like a non-event than a huge winter storm.

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