Empty Hamburger Hamlet Leaves Void In Georgetown Square

Former Hamburger Hamlet, Georgetown Square Shopping Center Former Hamburger Hamlet, Georgetown Square Shopping Center

The Hamburger Hamlet sign is down from the restaurant’s former space in Georgetown Square, where it opened in 1973 as the main attraction of the brand new shopping center.

The restaurant, as many know, closed in December, not long after the California-based chain declared bankruptcy. Another California chain, Du-par’s, attempted to revive the Bethesda location but couldn’t negotiate a new lease with the shopping center owner.

The result is a large void (the restaurant sat 350 people) in one of the area’s busiest shopping centers:

Great American Restaurants, which operates Northern Virginia favorites such as Artie’s, Coastal Flats and Sweetwater Tavern, was rumored to be looking at the space. But a company official told us that isn’t true.

So, we leave it up to you. What would you like to see in the former Hamburger Hamlet space?

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