3 Fairfax schools ‘secured’ following off-campus burglary

WASHINGTON – Students and staff members were secured in place at three schools in Vienna, Va. because of police activity off school property Tuesday.

The “secure the building” status at the three schools was lifted after 1 p.m.

A spokesman for Fairfax County Schools say the order went into effect just before 11:30 a.m. for Louise Archer elementary, Flint Hill elementary and Madison High School following reports of police activity in the area.

When the schools are in “secure the building” status, students are brought inside and doors are locked but staff and students are still free to move around the inside of the building.

No one was allowed in or out of the schools without proper identification during the incident.

No one was injured.

This story was modified to clarify the three schools were not under a lock down but rather a “secure the building” status. Under a lock down, students are kept in their classroom and not moving freely in the school.

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