Tips to stay warm and full with the right foods

Cold, bored and hungry? One way to stay full and satisfied is with a hot soup. (Thinkstock)
Cabin fever? Take your mind off the fridge

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 12:00 am

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WASHINGTON – With temperatures well below freezing and countless offices and schools closed, there’s a good chance you’re spending a lot of time inside.

If the refrigerator is calling your name every time you walk past, you’re not alone.

Sally Squires, creator of the Lean Plate Club and blogger for Everyday Health, says wanting to eat more when the weather is cold is common.

“When the mercury drops, those hunger pangs increase,” Squires says. “It’s a leftover survival mechanism from the days when we were hunters and gatherers.”

To overcome the craving to overindulge, Squires says to focus on healthier foods that taste good and fill you up. And a perfect mid-winter meal is a bowl of hot soup.

“The good thing about hot foods is that when you’re sipping them, you can’t consume them really fast,” Squires says.

Popcorn is also a good choice for a snack at home.

“It’s a whole grain, everybody loves it. Just don’t put a lot of butter on it.”

Squires says high-fiber or fresh dips — such as guacamole, bean-based dips and salsas — are another good snack, especially if fresh vegetables are your “dippers” of choice.

But if you didn’t make it to the store in time before the snow hit, and are fresh out of fresh produce, Squires says now is a great time to use up frozen fruits and vegetables, canned soups and other things in the pantry.

After you eat, don’t forget to get in some activity.

To get your body moving, Squires suggests climbing the stairs. Card games and home organization projects are also great options for keeping your mind busy and off the contents of the kitchen cabinets.

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