Now your jeans can make more than a fashion statement

Rohan Williamson, special to

WASHINGTON – Now your breath does not have to be the only thing on your body that smells minty fresh.

Naked & Famous is known for its unique jeans. Among some of the company’s more interesting variations include jeans that glow in the dark and jeans that change color with fluctuations in temperature.

Now the company is offering jeans that you do not even have to wash, well sort of.

You should still wash your jeans. But you’ll be covered if you forget.

Naked & Famous is planning to release a new line of scratch and sniff jeans that are mint-scented.

Brandon Svarc is the designer of the new jeans that also will be stain-free. These jeans are expected to retail for $158.

This is not the first scratch-and-sniff jeans designed by the company. They have already released a raspberry-scented scratch-and-sniff jean line.

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